5 Ways To Practice Self Care

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What is self care?

Self care is self defined but to get a clear understanding check out my “What Is Self Care” post.

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Listed below are 5 ways that you can practice self care and how it can benefit your life.


  • Emoceans
  • Thoughts
  • Inner dialogue

Journaling is a beautiful self care practice for mindfully tending to your emoceans and thoughts. Taking 30 minutes to have an inner dialogue on paper helps you to feel and know clearly who you are and what you want. Releasing your emoceans and thoughts by written expression allows you to make space for what’s to come.

Saying No

  • Boundaries
  • Avoiding burn outs
  • Respecting you

Knowing what you won’t accept and setting boundaries according to those things is a huge part of self care. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy life without becoming overwhelmed with situations that you’ve been in before. Saying no teaches you and others to respect you as an individual with limits.



  • Hobbies
  • Fun
  • Creative Freedom

Giving yourself creative freedom is self care. Sometimes you have to step away from work or serious matters to indulge in creative play to find inspiration to continue on. Liberate your mind from time to time and do the things you love to do without effort.


  • Breathe
  • A Break
  • Relaxation

Breathe. There is nothing more healing than sitting in silence with self, taking deep breaths, and just letting everything go. Whenever you feel stressed go for a quiet walk, sit outside during a light rain, or open a window while listening to music in your room.


  • Movemeant
  • Release energy
  • Gratitude

When in doubt and you can’t do anything else, just dance. Dancing is an especially good self care practice for those of whom deal with anxiety and have energy built up in their bodies. When you move with the intention to exert this energy, your body and mind will thank you.

Check out this Instagram dancer who uses movemeant as meditation. I enjoy watching her videos and she also inspires me to get moving.

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Overall, self care is all about finding the essential habits that help you to be at your best. When you do your best, so does everyone else. Team work makes the dream work.

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